Lil Ugly Mane - On doing an evil deed blues 7'' (2014)

''Hip hop, the most progressive music in the bunch... So how's it been 40 years and all we fucking rap about is weapons?'' After a nearly perfect album, ''Mista Thug Isolation'', released in 2012, the production by Shawk Kemp (Lil Ugly Mane's alter ego. By the way, Seattle Supersonics' old school fans will appreciate the good taste of the nickname) in his last EP called ''Prelude To Panopticon'', the instrumentals evolve from a dark creepy sound close to these old 90's Memphis horrorshit, such as early Three Six Mafia, to a more eery sound, without totally leaving behind that southern touch that makes it instantly recognizable. The lyrics from the song of this seven inch, ''On Doing An Evil Deed Blues'' deal with his passion for hip hop, the recollection of working on his first beats and rhymes, putting out his tapes himself and going on stage without really making money. That's not the goal here anyway. Lil Ugly Mane just wants to put out good music from the heart. And it's probably what lacks in hip hop nowadays (there are exceptions of course). I got some records, custom samples, made 'em mine / I wrote some raps, I had a couple fire lines / A couple labels asked me if i want to sign / But rapping ain't my grind, I just used to like to rhyme ». These words seems to be a farewell, just like if he did his part and now it's time to go. And he will be missed for sure. Genius producer, lyrical mastermind, Peter Sotos' reader, well, I can't wait to hear his future projects.... Ormolycka rcds. 2014. US


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