Full Force Frank - Interview (2012)

Back in the late 80s and early 90s, Full Force Frank made some noise in the underground scene with his notorious murder-obsessed xeroxed fanzines called Singin’ Dose Anti Psychotic Blues and Livin’ In A Powder Keg And Givin’ Off Sparks. Adam Parfrey, owner of Feral House publishing, even decided to interview him for the second edition of his cult book Apocalypse Culture. « Frank, talk from a psychopath ». An insane man expressing his obsession towards violence, particularly mass murders, and women’s feet. At the time, a copy of his fanzine could even be traded against a pair of used women’s heels.
There had been much speculations over his identity throughout the years, who can be hiding behind this mysterious figure? We don’t know much about him. According to Parfrey, Frank is a Brooklyn loner psycho, who was mentally, physically and sexually abused as a child. He grew up with a mind filled with anger and hate, not capable of any emotion. He said is soul is dead. « I’ve been a dead soul psychopatch since the age of 15 when I stabbed my father in the chest ». After nine months spent in Creedmore Psychiatric Center in New York, where he was drugged and had taken the oath of being under chemical straightjacket for the next five years, Frank was back home.
As an adult, Frank was/is living on the edge, hoping to go on a rampage someday, and to kill at least two dozens of people, his parents included. Psychopathic deeds and antisocial behaviour became his raison d’être. He was so outspoken about his killing plans that, according to him, even the FBI came looking for him. The issue came from an article from his fanzine, titled ‘Handy hints for a messier massacre : a guide to maximizing the mass murderer’s kill count.’
The making of a successful massacre involves the following: good guns, a powerful and LARGE quantity of ammunition, good shooting technique, element of suprise attack, inability of victims to escape from confined areas, good mental state of gunman, attack of a poorly defended location, and a single and clear-cut goal. In MY opinion, this is THE basic checklist of the ingredients needed for a successful massacre.
The record to break for mass killings in the USA using GUNS (it is important to Frank) is 21. On July 18 1984, James Oliver Huberty walked into a McDonalds in California and shot 21 people dead. But 21 is not so much to him. He can do better.
In this article, he gives advices to shoot, to choose your weapon, your ammunitions, or the perfect place.
The next point is « picking a poorly defended place to attack ». This is a bit more complicated. Obviously, to maximize the body count, you do not attack a police station. You may kill 3 or 4 pigs, but since there is an abundance of firearms there, eventually a pig will shoot you! I’m not knocking this idea- it’s damn decent… but if you wish to achieve a maximum body count, it’s the WRONG way to go!
On of the last advices is about the mental.
Sometimes a gunman has been found to be HIGH on drugs and/or alcohol at the time of the massacre. This is NOT common. Most massacres occur when the gunman is COMPLETELY SOBER. My personal opinion is that a person who is stone-cold sober as he massacres his victims is more likely to get genuine pleasure from the killings. More importantly, the massacre will be a completely honest and true expression of his anger, rather than having the emotions expanded or diluted by drugs and/or alcohol.

I feel that this is even MORE important if the gunman plans to NOT commit suicide- If he is captured, he will spend the REST OF HIS LIFE either in jail or a mental hospital. The WONDERFUL MEMORY of HIS massacre will have to sustain him for the REST OF HIS LIFE! If he was high during the massacre, his memory could easily be distorted or blurry. On the other hand, if he was stone sober, the details will remain etched on his mind and soul for as long as he lives, at least this is my opinion.

In late summer 1991, when Full Force Frank disappeared from the scene, Obscure fanzine interviewed some people who wrote to him to know what they were thinking about him. Some saw him dead, or in jail, that he was a fraud, or even that he was a fictionnal character invented by the FBI to gather informations on potential psychos…
« Someone could have killed him, you know — cops maybe, » said Mike Diana, underground cartoonist famous for being arrested in 1994 for drawing “violent” cartoons.« What I hope happened is that he’s out somewhere doing heavy training for his massacre. »
In 1996, Mark Hejnor released Affliction, a video compilation about crazy people such as GG Allin, Annie Sprinkle or Mike Diana. Hejnar wanted to do an interview with Frank for the video but all he got was a VHS where you can see Frank showing his collection of guns in his appartment, and talking about mass murders.
When I discovered this man, this underground myth, nearly an urban legend, I was immediatly fascinated. His extreme attitude and opinions… I wanted to know more, so while searching on the internet, I found a website Frank created with a lot of articles that constitute the Manifesto of Forbidden Truth. Nietzsche was the 19th century’s genius, Manson the 20th’s one, so as he says he could be the new greatest philosopher of the 21st. The one that will be considered in one hundred years by an extraterrestrial race as the only real genius of this century.
When did your aversion for the human race begin?
My earliest memories from age 3 and 4 involve fear, pain, suffering, & terrorization at the hands of my mother and father. Every human I had contact with throughout my childhood inspired only negative emotions. At the age of 6, standing in a school playground, I consciously vowed that I would never live my life as a human being, on par with the humans who infest this planet.
In your fanzine and for the text published in Apocalypse Culture, you talked about doing mass murders. Do you still have this project in mind?
None of your business. Each of us has a sacred entitlement to reflect our True Reality in all that we choose to do. I reflect My True Reality in all that I choose to do.
Apparently, these statements caused you trouble with the FBI. What happened? Did they taped your phone or came at your house or something?None of your business.
Could you sum up your Manifesto of Forbidden Truth to us?
The Manifesto of Forbidden Truth is an unfinished document, currently sized at close to 1 million words, in which I expose and dissect all of the Forbidden Truths of humanity, revealing it to be a pathetic species that is currently in the death throes of devolution, doomed to a near term species-wide extinction of which it is most deserving.
I have created The Manifesto of Forbidden Truth to honor Myself and to honor Truth, of which I am an extension. I have no desire to attract readers or supporters, nothing I do is intended to appeal to humans, as they are unworthy of any such overtures.
From your point of view, are humans evil by nature, or is it society and what they teach to children that make humans evil?
Human beings are a birth defect species.They exist today due to a primate being born with a genetically deformed brain, who managed to survive long enough to fornicate with another primate resulting in offspring with deformed brains, and here we are 50,000 years later, the mutant species has taken over the planet.
Every generation of human adults consists of tortured, traumatized, & victimized children, who are emotionally compelled to destroy every generation of children in cathartic reflection of how they were destroyed when they were children. Within this cycle, positive evolution is an impossibility, resulting in pathological devolution of the species. Every stupidity, every inferiority, every derangement ever concocted by the mutant human brain is destined to remain a vibrant force,to mutate over time to ever greater degrees of ideological & behavioral perversity.
Human societal & governmental leaders consist of the most highly malignant specimens of humanity, and because humans are a slave-based species, the vast majority craving personal enslavement &
desperate to be led like sheeple and told what to think and do, the leadership is always & will always be able to guide the Unwashed Masses down the most malicious & perverse paths of belief & behavior.
To answer your question more succinctly, there is profound genetic brain function weakness & disease within humanity, that isruthlessly & pathologically exploited by leaders who are themselves both mentally dysfunctional via genetics, as well as overtly evil within their own conscious & subconscious need to avenge the torments of their childhoods.

On your website Forbidden Truth, you emphasize martyrs/victims of society, like Charles Manson, Dennis Nilsen or Charles Starkweather. What made them victims to you? Because most people would say they’re only insane criminals and nothing more.
« People » are garbage. What people say is meaningless to any seeker of Truth, or to any creature with a sane mind. All human beings are tortured victim creations, reflecting the sum total of their life experiences with as much grace & accuracy as they are capable. The more violent & anti-human an individual is in his actions, the greater a victim of injustice, suffering, and victimization he is. The proof of how much you have been victimized is in how dynamically you reflect your victimization upon others, be it through physical violence or a myriad of other venues.
Charles Manson, Dennis Nilsen, and Charles Starkweather are not victims « to me. » They are victims. Your inability or refusal to recognize this Truth has no bearing upon the Truth itself.
Do you recognize yourself in these victims of society?
I am a tortured victim creation of 20th and 21st century human society. This is what I am, this is what I will always be.
You must have been labeled a lot too, as a psychopath, insane, because of your ideas, right?
Labels are a blocking mechanism used by society to deny, reject, and hide from all Truth. Whatever label is attached to Me by any human being, is a reflection of their personal inferiority, blindness, and malice. It does not define Me, it defines them. I know what I am, I know exactly what I am and why I am what I am.
You base a big part of your manifesto on childhood. Child abuse (physically, emotionally or physically) seems to be an important theme to you.
I do not have themes. I reveal Truths. The vast majority of all Truths regarding humanity are foundationally rooted within the childhood experience of being conceived as an instinctually pure creature with a natural thirst for Truth, and then subjected to a brutal, unrelenting campaign of soul, mind, body, ego, self-love destruction that is overtly undertaken by human society against each and every child born into the modern era of human existence.
Most of the ‘serial killers’ lived through this, along with a lot of people who didn’t go this far but has to live on with this feeling of rage, or with this broken mind. I know you have a lot to say about this topic, but can you tell us a bit?
Every adult is broken. I am broken, I rebuilt Myself like Frankenstein’s Monster by transcending my humanity. Most adults reflect their torment upon children, as instructed to do by your genocidally evil societies. Most adults torture themselves throughout their lives in reflection of the self-hatred their society instilled within their core consciousness via ego destruction. All rage is justified, all expressions of rage are organically valid. Let us reserve greatest pity for the suicide victim, the self-haters and self-abusers who far outnumber the external murderers. Let us honor the external murderers for finding the strength to not allow their evil society to compel them to destroy or harm themselves.
Each of us is a pale reflection of the malice, evil, immorality, injustice, of human society, culture, and
government. We are created victims who deserve to always be recognized and treated as torture victims. I do not need to glorify murder. I glorify Truth, all who express Truth, in any way that is accurately reflective, receive my honor and respect.
 »I knew a guy that used to work in the stockyards and he used to kill cows all day long with a big sledgehammer, and then go home at night and eat dinner with his children and eat the meat that he slaughtered. Then he would go to church and read the bible, and he would say, ‘That’s not killing.’ And I look at him and I say, ‘That doesn’t make any sense, what are you talking about?’ « 
This Charles Manson’s quote shows every hypocrite aspect of the human race to me. First, they seem to have the right to kill what they have judged inferior to them, without calling it a murder, and then go to church, to be washed from all their sins.
Charles Manson was, is, will always be a top-level Seer of Forbidden Truth. His insights of clarity into the True nature of humanity should inspire all who seek to uncover & decimate the toxic lies, myths, illusions, delusions, and hypocrisies that constitute human existence in the 21st century. My Manifesto honors Charles Manson via direct quote and via comprehensive analysis and further development of his brilliant insights.
Humans are the most inferior species of life on planet earth, behaviorally, ideologically, and instinctually. Every choice humanity makes, every path it follows, is the stupid, the blind, the inferior path, the path of genocide against nature, against superior species of life, and against every created, instinctually pure human fetus and newborn baby. Every atrocity experienced by humanity, is earned by humanity. The species extinction that it will suffer in the near term is simply an accurate reflection, reflective justice, for the reign of unparalleled terror that humanity has committed upon planet earth and against every single creature misfortunate enough to have been conceived within the human species
What was the first time you heard about Manson?
I was 7 years old and watching the news on television.
And when did you begin to get really interested in his philosophy?
Age 8.
In what way did it affect your own life?
Superior humans seek out all that can empower them to stand up against their society & government. Superior humans seek Truth relentlessly and pathologically, recognizing that Truth is the only path to freedom. Life is filled with malicious misdirections of Truth. When you find a pure message and/or messenger of Truth, you owe it to yourself to seize this precious gift and devote all resources possible to using the gift to achieve the maximum degree of personal strength and power possible for you, given the limitations of your True Reality.
Throughout my lifetime, to this very day, July 11, 2012, I remain a builder of Self, a lover of Truth, a devotee of all that empowers. Truth is the greatest weapon in the world, it is handed down sparingly, from the very few humans who found the courage to embrace it and to express it. I honor Myself, in paying daily homage to Seers such as Charles Manson and Friedrich Nietzsche, whose expressions of Truth have allowed Me to achieve personal untouchability as a 21st century Seer of Forbidden Truth.
And, what is your view about Manson’s ATWA philosophy? (ATWA is his ecological vision of the world, meaning Air Trees Water Animals, and All The Way Alive)
I have my own philosophies, I do not embrace or parrot any philosophies of others. Personally, I have nothing against planet earth, the air,the trees,the water, or any species of life other than humans. Humans are a plague, an infestation that cannot be tolerated by those of us who fully recognize the horrors it has wrought against the planet itself. Humans are doomed to extinction, thankfully. There is no need for Me to personally seek to achieve this goal, it is your doing. If the trees & animals & plants flourish in the wake of human extinction, as I suspect they will, that’s fine. They are innocent victims of humanity, just as I am, and just as every other tortured victim creation is.
Let me ask you a personnal question, what do you do for a living?
None of your business.

How can a man so full of hatred towards human beings can survive in this world?
Quite easily, because the limitless hatred I proudly embrace towards all of humanity is exceeded by the limitless &unconditional love that I have found the strength to create, nurture, & maintain for Myself. In transcending my humanity I have become a god-equivalent, to Myself. Hatred is an empowering emotion, a nourishing and nurturing emotion, when properly directed and focused. Human society seeks to inspire self-hatred and destroy self-love. As the mortal enemy of human society I have reversed this malicious abomination and taken it to the ultimate level of personal empowerment, by directing limitless hatred upon humanity and embracing limtless love for Myselfd, simultaneously.

You once said you were obsessed with two things : murders and women’s feet. I now understand the first, but about the second, how and when this happened?
There is nothing « normal » about finding breasts or asses or sexual intercourse or oral sex, sexually arousing. All sexual arousal is inspired by the mind. My mind is not under the control of society, it is under my control. I choose what sexually excites me. It is True that as a child I had encounters with women that involved female foot pain,deformity,and limping, and I chose to sexualize these images & ideas within my mind. As an adult, I embrace my unique fetish,strengthen and wallow in it, for several reasons. It allowes me limitless opportunities to sexually climax without any direct human contact. It allows me to experience sexual arousal and climax in public, with the objects of my arousal having no idea that their actions or physical condition is causing sexual arousal.It requires no nudity, no teasing or come-ons by women, no human interaction of any kind.
Superior humans choose their obsessions, they do not allow their obsessions to choose them. There is a profound difference. All of my obsessions, while initially inspired by circumstances not under my direct control, are in fact chosen by me. My obsessions are under my control.
If you had to do a mass murder this week, what weapon(s) would you choose?
None of your business.
What would you do to prepare yourself?
I am always prepared to do anything that my True Reality inspires me to do.
You may access My Manifesto at: http://forbiddentruth.8k.com/index.html


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