City Hunter - Demo Cs (2012)

Three tracks in less than three minutes, that's what I like to call hardcore. Raw and harsch to the point. Aggressive cover, with a man smiling in the shadow, wearing leather mask and gloves, threatening a girl with a huge ass knife on her throat. I wish the second release will include a picture of the cut bitch. It reminded me of the good Giallo films era, and this comes in a case similar to old VHS ones, even the back have a storyline-like with the lyrics and a tagline'' ..'til the blade goes dull ''. Best packaging ever. There is this menacing sound that's mind blowing, I love it, violent and dark, I really can't wait to hear their EP that will be put out by Youth Attack records, I believe. This review is as short as this demo cassette, but what else could I say? Three top notch songs to listen to while you're prowling these filthy streets. A soundtrack for human hunt. Stab and repeat. Stab and repeat. Stab and repeat.
Blackout rage. 2012. USA.


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