Forced Entry - Shaun Costello (1973)

He was taught to kill... Rape was his own idea”

That's the tagline you can read on the poster of this offensive movie directed by SHAUN COSTELLO under the nickname 'Helmut Richler'. Yeah, I guess you need a nickname when you make a film like this, if you still want to do something with your life. I've seen a lot of movies dealing with the story of a poor guy coming back from 'Nam traumatised and shit, but this time, it's bad, really really sordid. A guy (HARRY REEMS, from Deep Throat) comes back from Vietnam as a sick fuck obsessed with women, killing and rape. Usual stuff you'll tell me, right? Completely disconnected from reality, he sees himself as a hunter looking for preys, and passes his days working at a New York gas station where he can find some victims. So he breaks intro houses and then, like possessed by something insane he caught in Vietnam, he badly abuses of women verbally and physically, really cruel psycho shit, and then stabbs them in cold blood.

One thing you should also know is that the rape scenes are interrupted by black and white videos of Vietnamese kids crying, mutilated corpses and other war horrors! When you melt fellatio, blood, sodomy, flesh lying on the ground and sperm, you got an incredible... well, I just couldn't believe it! Harry Reems threatens a woman with a gun while yelling insults at her, and tells her to suck his dick, then gets fucking pissed off you don't really know why but he becomes an out of control beast filled with hate, slashing girls and screaming until you take your baseball bat to smash your TV. The ending of the film is unexpected too, because his last victims are two hippies high on dope, who take the rapes as a sex game. The guy feels so humiliated by these pacifist scums that he commits suicide, this is too much for one man. If you want to see one of the most obscene and sleaziest flick ever, watch this one. Everything is filthy, dirty, smelly, and make you so uncomfortable that it becomes nearly funny. Yes, this was so much insane I laughed at some point. Disturbing. (R.G.)


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