Dribble - Lover 7''

Hailing from the mutant Aussie punk scene actually have, Dribble's line up has Nathan and Tom from Gutter Gods fame. This record is perfect from the start to the end. Drug fuelled punk influenced by The Stooges or Electrics Eels,the first song ''Girl of my dreams'' is the perfect example of the mix between these two bands. Snotty but recognizable vocals, loose guitar riffs and sound. But to me, the highlight is a the B Side, because ''High St Girl'' is definitely the hit of this 7'' for me, catchy chorus, still this Electic Eels vibe and a bit of Velvet Underground sounding. Great guitar arrangements and epic final solo that ends up in larsens and noise. Wow, another great band coming out from Melbourne. What's happening there??Cool Death / Distort. 2014. Australia.


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