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Welcome to the world of mindfucking, early S&M hardcore porn movies ! BORN TO RAISE HELL and POING DE FORCE are both a tasteful experience to enjoy at least once in your lifetime. These grimmy and nihilistic pieces of sleaze are a great opportunity to let you, through their mondo-style filming and dirty, gritty picture, dive into the leather underground subculture where Hell is Heaven and pain is the key...

BORN TO RAISE HELL – Roger Earl (1975-USA)
Well-known figure of gay magazines at the time, and voted ''Mr Leather'' at the Hawks' annual Leather Sabbath in Hollywood in 1975, Val Martin plays the lead sadist in this movie, and, with the help of his accomplice Qwave Dalton, will raise hell until he decides it's done. The greatness of this film, is the fact that it's non-stop action. Val Martin gets all his sex energy through pure brutality and rough abuses on the slaves / victims. He just can't get enough of painful moans! The storm of sexual violence goes on and on until the slave collapses and, like us, wakes up with slaps in the face. Born To Raise Hell begins with Martin pissing in the mouth of one of his victim, punctuating all his sentences with a good old friendly ''fucker''. ''Do you like it, fucker?'', ''Do you want more, fucker?'', ''Did you mow my lawn, fucker?''. Images of traditional leather fetish and gay hardcore culture are everywhere: the red bandana in the left pocket, the biker boots, the leather hat for Dalton, the cowboy one for Martin, jeans or leather jackets, same for pants... Forget about Cruising, you have the whole package here . 

The first part is set in a bar, with pinball arcades, posters and frames in the background. The man is now under the control of the two psychopathic sadists, and the dick champagne was just the aperitif compared to what he's going to endure next. Val Martin whips him hard, he makes the Fucker his dog, then they tear down his clothes, throw the dog naked on the pool table to tie him up. Now, the abuses can start. Forced rimjobs and balls in the mouth until suffocation, spits in the face,... Back on his feet again, his hands tied up with chains hanging from the ceiling. Cock and balls tied and clamped, as well as his throat or armpits, and a pair of shoes is attached to his testicles. Dalton makes him sniffing poppers, and does it to everyone under his control until they're on the edge to collapse. They choose another victim but are opting for a similar treatment, as well as a forced fisting with screams of pain. Cock and balls torture. And when it seems like it never stops, Martin gets out of the room, just to enter a new one all dressed in black leather. Qwave Dalton joins him making his entrance on a saddle, riding a man-horse. There is already a slave tied in the room, that is looking like their personal Donjon where they can relieve and satisfy their lust for brutality. You can see that Martin has shivers and is licking his lips while witnessing so much moanings and pain in the air. He could cry of joy. They take the man-horse piece of shit naked to tie his ankles and wrists together while suspending him in the air. All frightened and in pain, like a pig in a slaughterhouse, Dalton jubilates inside while making the Fucker spinning, attached to his rope. When the soundtrack of the first part had some surf / rock'n'roll tracks or Jingo by Santana, this one is way much creepier, with synth waves, more atmospheric sounds. And here comes the total abuse, the ultimate humiliation. The slave gets body shaved and his throat grabbed violently, then forced to suck Martin's huge cock while Dalton shaves his head. Now, the bold bastard looks like the meaningless piece of crap he really is. And our two beloved sadists are as disgusted as excited by this situation. He's nothing more than a used toilet paper, so, throw him to the garbage. They have another prey waiting for them. A fresh and brand new flesh that hasn't been touched by the angelic hands of the master yet. The avalanche of violence keeps on going, and it starts with a series of whipping from Martin and Dalton, the harder the better. Let's try a fist, oh you're screaming? Daddy doesn't like when you scream. Is it because I didn't kiss you first? The fist rape provides a lot of pleasure, so it gives the two geniuses a brilliant idea. Why not put the Fucker on a cross? He suffered like Jesus Christ after all. But God hates fags, so make him pay ! Let's put some burnt wax on his nipplesl! Damn, that feels good. Pull the leash, pull the leash, hear him scream, hear him moan, and look... I think he will start crying... When they're finally done and tired by such an exhausting work, Val Martin goes outside for a walk. And NOW, that's what I call an unexpected surprising crazy ending. Oh yeah! But you have to watch the movie to figure out what it is... Fucker.

POING DE FORCE – Jean Etienne Siry (1976)

Watching Poing de Force is like listening to Whitehouse for the first time: you don't understand what's happening, you feel uncomfortable but still, inside, you enjoy all this disturbing atmosphere, like a masochistic pleasure. You can't take it anymore, it's lasting forever, but when it's done you wish it woud have been longer. In only 20 minutes, Jean Etienne Siry manages to create a dark, creepy and claustrophobic setting in a filthy appartment. It begins like a real documentary on the french S/M universe, a bare-chested young guy with a leather jacket on and a bondage mask is interviewed while eating, explaining he's wearing this mask because five years ago he was the victim of a crash accident that sent him to the hospital with a third degree burn on the whole face. When the reporter asks if he's wearing it all the time, he smiles and replies that it's only to turn people on. He's a call-boy, getting clients mostly from Germany and England. That's about the time they decide to go to his room, where a man is sat on the bed, smoking, surrounded by gay porn posters. The leather-man stands still, fronting the other man, who starts licking his leather belt, then his boots for a while, sweating like a pig from excitment. He pulls down Leather-man's pants and licks his ass. A nerve-racking soundtrack, made of synth effects and a drone buzz like typical power electronics music, comes up during a frenzy blowjob scene, and will last for the rest of the film. The masked guy is ready to set up his little game, beginning with a fist to dilate the rectum,and inserts his dick for a good assfuck. But he's not satisfied. So, he grabs his bitch by the hair to put his head in the toilet water, forcing him to drown, then breathe, doing it multiple times while still fucking him. He then violently throws him on the floor, to flog his back with his belt until it bleeds. The screamings and moanings of the soiled soul is included in the parade of pleasures. But, let's talk serious business. The Leather guy takes off his jacket, his spiked leathered wristband, to end up nude with a bondage mask and his whore passed out on the floor, just like Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. Now spreading butter on his hands and forearms, the show can really begin. He starts fisting the ass, right hand, left hand, right hand, left hand, it's like a Joe Frazier getting wild on a butthole ! Total mayhem! Then the climax of the film : noises everywhere on the soundtrack, he's digging his way through the black hole with both hands and fists the guy just like Grandma stuffs the turkey... You'll never see Thanksgiving the same way again.


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