Femmes de Sade - Alex de Renzy (1976)

A guy is going out of jail and his girl (ABIGAIL CLAYTON) is waiting for him, he jumped in the car but a two meters lunatic, with a grey stache, a big scar on the face and some crazy eyes, is staring at them and asks if they can take him to San Francisco downtown. After a brief moment, this dude (called Rocky de Sade and played by KEN TURNER) gets in the car. So, the couple leaves Rocky somewhere in the streets, parks the car and goes home to enjoy a romantic moment. During an intense fuck, Rocky comes back and beats the crap out of the man, smashes his head, and starts molesting the girl. This scene is FUCKED UP, you can witness a coke bottle ass rape, creepy sex scene between de Sade and the woman, pretty violent by the way. I think I get how he ended up in the joint, but now Rocky’s free and he’s gonna take his favorite occupation back: abusing hookers, just for kicks!

Hanging out in the sleazy streets of SF, stalking as usual, he finally finds a prey, but the bitch doesn’t know how to suck a dick well enough… so he bends over and blows himself, and tries to show her how to lick herself, violently breaking her back and yelling at her, and then he takes turns for free.But this shit is enough, prostitutes are getting really, really mad at this maniac, so they decide to plan a revenge. It takes place at a S&M fetish party, where you can admire old farts in bondage, whores wearing leashes, people getting flogged until the blood runs. Yeah, that’s what I call a real party! Rocky comes dressed as an middle age executioner and ends up with a leather leash around his neck, letting some girls playing with him and attaching him. Now, hookers can have their revenge, with the help of John Leslie, owner of a local sex shop. A girl sodomizes him with a dildo, while another one is pissing on his face, then another one takes a dump on his torso while partygoes spread it all over his body… Don’t fuck with SF hoes or you’re gonna regret it! The movie has been released in dvd by Alpha Blue discs for the US, but I heard some scenes are cut (like the coke bottle one), so you have to find the French edition, a double featured with WATERPOWER by Shaun Costello (credited as Gerard Damiano, just to benefit of the DEEP THROAT’s commercial success). 

Ps: one important detail is that the beautiful Annette Haven is playing a minor role as one of the prostitute, but still!


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